fragments from a short film I did during the

residence, also called “Tambor d’Ilha”.

Caruma ramblings during Clausura, isolation reactions.
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screenshots from “Tambor d’Ilha”,
the short documentary made during the residence

Creative Residence in Mindelo, Cape Vert occured during URDI,
an event dedicated to Crafts and Design whose main subject this edition was Music. Along with a team of Tamboreiros of Kola San Jon - artisans who make and play drums for San Jon festivities, Adalberto da Graça (from Brava), Bartolomeu dos Reis (Santo Antão/ São Vicente), José Miranda (São Vicente), Sebastião Monteiro (Santo Antão), Vlademiro dos Reis (Fogo) and me. This ritual is a strong tradition in the archipelago, and his knowledge travels from father to son, across the country and his diasporic landscapes. Nowadays, less and less people know how to build the instrument so, during this residence, our goal was to unbuilding it so we could understand it better, the differences between islands - materials, language or rhytms -, learn about his history that crosses several countries as Portugal or Brasil, revealing his creoule dimension. The exhibition was thought and produced in colaboration with The Home Project duo, Álbio Nascimento and Kathi Stertzig.

Photos: Eneida Tavares & Kathi Stertzig (The Home Project Studio)
Centro Nacional de Arte Artesanato e Design
URDI 2019

Audio version of the short documentary made during the residence.


Individual Exhibition, SILOS Contentor Criativo (March 2019)
Visual fragments from a post colonial hangover. Afropean relocations.

2016 > 2019


Projects developed in duo with Jorge Carreira. 

Madeira x Metal and MDF x Metal for VICARA
Wood and cooper wire.
Photos: G’day Byron Bay 
Video: Tiago Gomes



2014 > 2019

Ceramics and basketry have walked side by side without really crossing each other.
In this context arises Caruma, a series of vessels, containers, formed by a mixed technique – earthenware and basketry - demonstrating the possible relationship between two different construction fields, creating a relationship of dependency between them. On the one hand the earthenware with a strong tradition in the specific context in which the project was carried out (Caldas da Rainha, PT) and on the other the Angolan basketry - where part of my roots come from - particularly the sewed coiling technique. This two materials create a relationship that is familiar to us; basketry that is lasting to the daily scale, earthenware that is the historical range. It is intended the intercultural dialogue that mixes closeness to what is far away.

Materials: Earthenware; Pine Tree Needles; Raffia
Photography: Tiago Gomes; Tiago Gomes; Eneida Tavares

2018 > 2019

Visual explorations most from portuguese colonial catalogues, others from current work.


Among the cultural differences from place to place,
the concept of individual and collective, public or private,
clearly reflectes the way people act in social life.
Companheiro - from latin cum panis :
the one with whom we share the bread - is an attempt to response this two dichotomies, individual / collective, public / private, in a very particular act which is to be at the table. The memories and family stories, were the theme for this reflection.


Continuing the same construtive logic as Caruma but this time with
a different material, scale and typology.
With a body scale, Assento suggests another way of being,
of relaxing.

Photography: Pedro Cá